Altötting, May 22, 1832

January 16


Reverend and Dear Father Prior: I have had the secret desire for a long time to enter a monastery, partly to atone for the grave faults I have committed in the past, partly to amend my life for the future, and partly to work for the greater honor of God, no matter how weak my strength. In the monastery under your supervision and in union with virtuous and well-educated men, I could work out my own salvation as well as that of others. Divine Providence itself seemed to work toward the realization of my desire and to prevent misunderstanding. Immediately after my ordination, I was transferred to Altötting without having asked for this assignment. Here I learned to value the common life that I had lived in the seminary at the Gregorium, Munich, for two years, and for one year in Regensburg. I have learned the necessity of the common life. At the same time, I had experiences that one can have only here.

Since my decision called for departure on the 24th, I informed my confessor Father Neuhaus about it. He approved and encouraged me to go ahead. At that time, the Reverend Director1 wrote you for information about the new house at Metten and about the prospect of my entering the monastery there. At that time, I wanted in all humility and obedience to present you with my petition to enter the monastery. I also wanted to talk the matter over with some of my friends who had the same intention. However, I did not want to inform them of my desire. Meanwhile, the parish of Unterneukirchen, an hour and a half distant from Ötting, suddenly became vacant, and I was installed as administrator until the bishop’s curia in Passau made other arrangements. I had to stay there seven weeks until a permanent successor took my place.

This incident did not alter my decision. As soon as I returned to Ötting, I drew up a new petition stating my reasons and sent it to the bishop of Regensburg.2 If he approves, I will send you my humble request, so that after his approval, my entry into your monastery will not be refused because of personal unfitness.

I will take the liberty to present you with the certificates of my studies at the Gymnasium and Lyceum in Regensburg and at the university, as well as the work I have done in the care of souls. If perhaps the number of those who are to be accepted into your monastery is filled already, then I would humbly beg you to notify me so that I can make arrangements accordingly. Meanwhile, I am eagerly awaiting an answer from the bishop, begging the Lord that He may make His will known to me so that I will know whether I will be so fortunate as to be called forever. Your most obedient son, Sebastian Wimmer


1 Father Joseph Albrecht, superior of the diocesan community at Altötting.

2 Johann Michael von Sailer (1751-1832), bishop of Regensburg from 1829 until his death on May 29, 1832.

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